DHA Multan Investment

DHA Multan investment right now is a very good opportunity to make some serious money. There are multiple reasons for this investment opportunity. It is highly recommended to buy a 1 Kanal file in DHA Multan. The last date to be included in Phase 1 ballot is 20th of January, 2019. If you want your file to be included in Phase 1 ballot you have to buy and secure a file before the 20th of January, 2019. Multan has excess area, therefore, the files procured after the last date will be included in Phase 2 ballot.

DHA Multan has land which is clear from all encumbrances. At least majority of the land is clear. Other than that they have excess land which is still being sold as Phase 1 extension files which I believe in times to come will be included in Phase 2.

There is direct access to Bosan Road on which DHA Multan’s land is included. You have easy access from Multan Road northern bypass. The approach from out of city as well as from inside Multan is pretty easy. The location is superb.

DHA Multan has already started development at a slow pace of the project. The development normally starts after the ballot of a particular phase when people start paying development charges in easy installments. This anomaly that we witness here is due to the management which wants their first Phase to be a hit amongst end users and investors alike.

There are multiple exit points when you buy a file. The initial jump would be just before the ballot. As we are witnessing in DHA Peshawar that the plot prices on average are giving their investors almost a 30% return in one year’s time, same would be the case for DHA Multan.

I believe DHA Multan will turn out to be more successful than its other counterparts. The reason for this is the buying power of the city of Sufis. The location is prime. The town planning that is ongoing is going to be the best in all of Multan. The main road is as vast as in Phase 6. The one of a kind town planning in Multan inspired by DHA Lahore will allow its residents the highest standard of living.

From an investment point of view you can expect upto 40% ROI in 12-14 months time. Seeing what the market situation is right now, very few high profit yielding options come up. This is one of them which is not to be missed, if you are looking to make some serious profits. To arrange an appointment contact the number given below;