Where to invest in DHA Lahore

In today’s slow market where almost everything is at a low price there are however, a few buying pockets. This read would give an insight on where to invest in DHA Lahore’s slow market. There are various options with different exit strategies and timelines. It is up to our risk appetite and the initial capital which we have. These options will be discussed below Phase wise.

Phase 5
Phase 5 provides a minimum return on investment. This means investing in either residential or commercial in Phase 5 will give us lowerROIs but it’ll surely be same or little higher than the ongoing inflation rate. CCA of D block and B block seem on the lower side but they might be the only riskier investment in terms of ROI which might not be high. M block extension sees a standstill in today’s market. Other areas like D, E, F and other blocks see an increase in prices.

Phase 6
Phase 6 residential sees a steady increase in prices on year to year basis. This is only valid for possession plots. E extension after a slight increase is stagnant. Commercials on the other hand have seen an increase in prices but only of Main Boulevard 4 marla options. CCAs however,remain stagnant. It is viable to procure either a 4 marla MB or a residential plot in a decent location. I believe MB still has some juice left in it. You will witness a year to year increase in prices of particularly these two commodities.

Phase 7
Phase 7 has witnessed an increase in prices but only on the lower end of Phase 7 which has just been given possession. Commercials in Phase 7 are stagnant with no significant increase in price. It is recommended to buy in the upper portion of Phase 7 as the prices in the upper portion haven’t jumped as yet. This might turn out to be a very good short term investment.

Phase 8
Residential plots are on the lower side, but there has been a significant decline in the prices of commercials. This might be the best time to buy in Broadway of Phase 8. At the lower prices these plots are bound to give a higher investment yield in two to three years’ time. Residential plots suit those people who want to build a house in the near future.

Phase 8 Z block is a very viable option as the prices are at their lowest. There is still room for improvement. This in turn also means a significant gain in one to two years’ time. Commercial Z6 and 5 marla in Z4 orZ6 is a very viable option.

Phase 9
Phase 9 Prism is a viable option if you are looking to invest for a relatively longer term of 3-4 years. Phase 9 will witness quite a number of highs and lows in times to come. It can be triggered into a short term investment in the sense that every year price shoots up for a while, onecan liquidate it in that time frame. Commercials are not recommended as they will mature in 6-7 years’ time.

Phase 9 Town
Phase 9 town has dipped a little which means this is an excellent buying time right now. These prices would rapidly go up as the house sales are ongoing. CCA is also an excellent buy right now. At 400 lacs these plots are a great buy. Phase 9 town is an excellent residential choice.

There are quite a number of viable options in DHA Lahore as far as investment is concerned. Along with hefty returns these are low risk options. It is advisable to conduct a one to one meeting for a better understanding.